Blast Cleaning Services In
Northamptonshire & Warwickshire

M&J Services

Our clients and their products, range from large scale industry, to small personal possessions with M&J's working mission being'To supply all of our customers with a premier service, leaving each and everyone of them with quality workmanship at value for money.

We may be able to help you in any of the following fields of work:

Metal Work

By blasting metal work we remove all rust, limescale and scabs and take the finish back to the bare material. Whether it be a cast iron drainpipe, a steel beam, the hull of boat or the engine of your car, in blasting, we bring a new lease of life to your items.


The majority of timber we blast is for restoration purposes, where finishes and treatments can be removed, with the grain and character of the wood emphasised. New wood such as Oak beams are also often blasted to give the wood more texture and the appearance of age.


Cleaning brickwork can totally change the appearance of a building. By blasting brick work we can remove treatments and paint, smoke damage and even just clean the bricks of dirt or stains.

Prime & Paint

Having blasted your items clean, we have the facilities to respray your possessions to your specification.

Steam Cleaning

Ideal for degreasing and general cleaning, we have equipment which can be used both in house and on site.

Graffitti Removal

Using a combination of the above, graffiti removal is an job well done!

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